What Is A Christian?

The question that begs to be asked more and more frequently these days is, “What is a Christian? Is there a difference between a Christian and a saved person?”

To the latter question, the answer is often ‘yes’. Startled? If you are, maybe it’s time you took a look at your Christianity, seriously. For starters, in bible days Christians didn’t refer to themselves as Christians. That was a term used by pagans and scoffers. And now, in the twenty-first century, it seems to be used more as a political classification than anything else. For this reason, I hesitate to refer to myself as a Christian, using instead the term “born again believer.”

If you are truly saved, you will know the following two things without me having to tell you:
1. Salvation was a conscious thing between ONLY you and God. It wasn’t a mistake and it didn’t happen while you were asleep one night.
2. Jesus said “No man comes to the Father except by me.” NO ONE – BUT BY ME.

There is a group of Christians who believe you can only go to the Father by an earthly priest.
Others believe that Jesus actually died on the cross, but was not God, merely an angel created for that job.
Others believe that Jesus died on the cross but was only a mortal man.

Apparently, the three groups just mentioned all ‘follow’ Christ; that is, they invoke the name of Christ a lot and they call themselves Christians. But, the plan of salvation, as explained in the New Testament, is not followed, or practiced, by any of them. Therefore, even though by worldly definition I’m a Christian, this is where, out of reverence to my Savior, I must declare to be separate from these groups, referring to myself as a ‘born again believer’.

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