The Trump Presidency – Fluke, or Act of God?

A troubled nation…

All governments are corrupt, including, but certainly not limited to, the Government of the United States of America. Nothing on the face of the earth is more powerful than the might of this nation. Therefore, when the U. S. Government goes sideways, and for the past twenty-five years it’s been headed sideways like a light plane landing on an iced-over runway, that’s when a far greater power is needed to administer discipline, order, and balance.

Who, then, is this mystery power, this paragon of order and justice? In the U. S, the population that leans socially and politically to the left believe it’s the United Nations (UN). The other half, those that lean to the right, at least religiously, believe that power is Jesus Christ. That’s a large divide.

The only way to get any farther apart than the UN and Jesus would be to name Satan in place of the UN, and since, in my opinion, Satan controls (owns) the UN, then the UN and Jesus are polar opposites. As the psalmist so eloquently put it, “As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.” (Psalm 103:12 KJV)

Unless we recognize and admit that our nation is irrevocably divided, then all the warring parties can do is bargain with each other, gaining a little, but losing more, prolonging the inevitable. A house divided cannot stand. America will fall, destroyed from within.

This wasn’t supposed to happen!

The Javits Center in Manhattan was apparently the “place to be” the evening of November 8th, 2016. Celebrities and politicians were there, stars took the stage, hawkers sold their merchandise, and supporters hugged each other and shouted. And, of course, Hillary Clinton was there, anticipating that historic moment when, with the world watching, she would break through that symbolic “glass ceiling”, a ceiling much like the actual glass ceiling that covered the building in which she stood.

The evening wore on, and as midnight crept closer, anticipation began to turn into concern. Although it wasn’t widely reported, I can imagine much chewing of antacid tablets. Time began creeping now, and election return maps were turning an unfamiliar red. TV newscasters and commentators were struggling for words, caught with a script that no longer fit the occasion. Exuberance was disappearing like bubbles in a flat Coke. Hillary quietly went home, the glass ceiling remained unbroken, and the rest of the night is a decidedly uncomfortable chapter in the history books. Donald J. Trump became the 45th President-Elect of the United States.

“But the polls had Hillary so far ahead,” so many people were crying! “How could this happen?”

The best answer I can give you came straight from the lips of Jesus. “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26 KJV)

God has a divine plan, a grand design.

God often puts certain people He has chosen into places where they will perform an action, or do a job (do His will). And, when I say chosen, I don’t mean chosen at random because they were standing around handy. I mean people who were chosen before the foundation of the world, people like Abraham and Simon Peter, or King Nebuchadnezzar and Judas Iscariot. He even builds nations in locations of His choosing where they will fulfill prophesy, or possibly protect or defeat another nation. Two that come to mind are Israel and the United States.

Note: Please don’t confuse the above paragraph with the Doctrine of Election. I am neither a Calvinist, nor a Reformer.

To lay the groundwork for what I’m going to write later, it is important to understand that just because God chooses and uses a person, that person does not necessarily “belong” to God. In other words, that person doesn’t have to be what we would call “a child of God.” One such person was the above mentioned King Nebuchadnezzar, ruler of Babylon, written about in the Book of Daniel. Another was Judas Iscariot, one of the original twelve apostles of Christ. Judas was chosen to perform one of the most famous deeds leading to the crucifixion of Jesus. He would betray Jesus to the soldiers of the High Priest. On the surface, Judas appeared to be one of Jesus’ own. Underneath, he was a devil – chosen, placed, and used by God to take part in a world event that would forever change the way mankind would be allowed to choose their eternal destiny, with Christ in an eternal paradise, or forever separated from Him in the Lake of Fire.

A few more people used by God would be Rahab, the Harlot (Joshua 2:1), Sarah, the ninety-year-old mother of Isaac (Gen. 17:17), and Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9:1-6). Saul, one of the most dangerous religious leaders in the Jewish community, would later become the Apostle Paul, the writer of so many epistles in the New Testament.

Glad to know all this, but what about Trump?

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1 KJV)

No, I don’t know the mind of God, so I can’t, with any certainty, answer that burning question about Donald John Trump. Therefore, everything I write about the future of President Trump, or the future of America, is a guess. But, it’s an educated guess based on; what insight and knowledge of the bible God has given me; my perception of events around the world, especially for the past few years; and my faith in Jesus Christ. But, what I do have is the absolute faith that Jesus will protect what is His. (Jesus created and has nurtured the U. S. to protect Israel, as is foretold in bible prophesy, so yes, the U. S. is His); and I have faith that everything prophesied in His inerrant Word MUST and SHALL come to pass.

So, YES, if you’re at all interested in what I believe, it was God’s will that Trump would be President. Now, I’ll give you a couple of possible reasons why it would be His will.

The First would be because of the outpouring of prayers of repentance from a wayward people (saved, but lax or backslidden Americans), confessing their sins to God, asking Him for forgiveness, and begging Him to save our nation; because of the prayers of the righteous asking for protection, guidance, and leadership; and because of the prayers of those born-again children who felt they just didn’t know how to pray, but in their hearts were silently crying out for help.

Well, God heard those prayers, all of them, even the prayers from the ones who didn’t know how to pray (Matthew 6:8), and in love, He reached down a mighty hand and startled a nation. He surprised an entire world. Satan never even saw it coming! (Surprised Hillary, too.)

Oh, one more thing. All those people who were praying, most of them were not asking for Trump to be their next President. Instead they were praying that God’s will would be done concerning our nation. – So, God gave them President Trump.

Disclaimer: I do not offer any claim, nor am I trying to make anyone believe, that Donald Trump is (or is not) saved, a Christian, a child of God, or a born-again believer. I am merely giving my opinion that he is being used by God.

The Second Reason that I believe it was God’s will to put Trump in the Presidency is because the U. S. will be used by Christ in the Great Tribulation, as a protector of Israel against the dragon (Revelation 12:14), and possibly in other ways, maybe as a shield, or adversary, against the Antichrist.

I realize the time period of the tribulation might still be some years in the future (probably sooner than later), but we need to begin now repairing the grievous damage that has already been inflicted against us by corrupt, anti-American, anti-Christian government officials and social leaders.

The U. S. desperately needs a strong leader, a fighter who will expose and deal with evil and treacherous individuals and entities within our borders who, at this moment, are attempting to cripple us and weaken our defenses while at the same time trying to deliver us from Jesus Christ. We need a President who will actively oppose the pressure directed at us by the UN to align with unfriendly nations while forsaking our friends and allies, namely Israel. Also, we need a President who will deal with antagonistic nations such as Iran, Russia, and North Korea with needed, but measured force, and, one who will deal quickly with non-compliance of contracts or promises from those same nations.

It’s important to include the UN in our discussion because that is the seat of power where the One World Government is being born, or assembled. Many of the world’s countries have already accepted the UN as their future seat of government, and some smaller countries would give up their sovereignty to the UN today to become a “sister nation” under a sovereign world government.

The flight of the Lemmings

I believe Donald Trump is that needed leader. He seems to be the opposite of everything we have come to expect from a President, and that tips the scales heavily in his favor. I can’t compare his likenesses with Obama’s because there’s just not any. That they lived in the same house would be the only likeness.

I am really impressed at how the rift in America has been magnified since Trump has been in office. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t say the rift was bigger. I’m saying that it’s becoming decidedly more obvious, which is a good thing. How, or why? Because, if you can’t see a problem, or a danger, you can’t avoid it, you can’t fix it, and you certainly can’t fight it. At least now you can see that there are two opposing forces in this country. Soon, you will be forced to reveal the side you favor, if you haven’t already done so.

Can I explain, “sides?” Of course I can. And I’m not talking about political parties. Those are things you choose, things you join. No, I’m talking about conservatives and liberals. Those are feelings inside you, things you believe in. The older you get, the more they are made manifest in your demeanor. They come sneaking out of you unexpectedly, presenting themselves sort of like a sign on your forehead. From what I’ve observed, Trump is fighting the fight of a conservative.

From watching the national news every day, it’s obvious the Liberals, the Socialists, the U. N., adversary nations, and the powers that have already signed on with Satan are losing their minds over their hatred for Trump. As I write, illegal border jumpers being separated from their children is the favorite event of contention. Tomorrow, next week, or next month, another event will evolve that will be even more nonsensical than the one they are using today. When the end time comes, they will all be running aimlessly as a group off a cliff into destruction, just like a bunch of lemmings.

Does Trump know?

I can’t answer that. Not one human walking the earth today can answer that. Only God knows, but I personally don’t believe Trump has any idea what God’s plans are for him. I don’t know if Trump even has any knowledge of end time prophesies.

What should I look for?

Watch the National and World news often. Remember this. Almost everything you hear on the World news is connected to the end of the age. The word “Global” is the catchword for all things connected to the One World Order, for example, Global peace, warming, trade, banking, governance, military, immigration, religion, and ruler. During the coming Great Tribulation, the World will be the domain of the Antichrist, and World Rule will be the delight of his miserable existence.

From what I can see, many things that were not in line with the prophesied state of the U. S., are now being brought into place by the Trump government. These may not be things that we like or agree with, but still, they are things that must be. For instance, one thing I see is that our borders (all of them) must be secured and sovereignty must be fully restored to the nation. I’ll talk more about this subject in a later article.

Another thing you can do to know what to look for is to study about the imminent rapture, the tribulation period, and the Second Coming of Christ. Read the book of Revelation. Forget the fact that it’s hard to understand. Just read it and ask God to help you understand the parts that are a mystery to you. Have faith. Ask Him for understanding, then trust Him, then read it.

Finally, I’m sure that some of you are wondering why I am so adamant about the U. S. being set up and prepared a certain way, here is a partial answer.

“And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled, for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” (Matthew 24:6 KJV)

One thought on “The Trump Presidency – Fluke, or Act of God?”

  1. Amen!

    Same thoughts and confirmed and assured through and within me with a prophecy God gave several in 2011. It can be googled and do in line with campaign of 2015 and outcome. So exciting and reassuring that “God’s got this! “


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