The Unavoidable End: Impending Prophesy Fulfilling

If it were an easy subject, there wouldn’t be much need to write about it, to explain it, or to warn you about it. But, it isn’t an “easy” subject. On top of that, it upsets some folks and scares the daylights out of others. I’m talking about the approaching end of the age.

There are certain words that trigger emotions and reactions in different people when the subject of the end times is brought up; words like, “the end of the world, the rapture, the tribulation, the mark of the beast, the second coming, and Armageddon,” to name a few. And, for each question that you might have, there are sometimes as many as a half dozen answers, depending on who is doing the answering.

Why so many different answers?

John was in the spirit when the Revelation was revealed to him (Rev. 1:10, 4:2, KJV), as was Daniel when he had his dream (Daniel 7:1 KJV). These men saw things in their visions that they didn’t understand, because what they saw were only symbols of the things they represented. One of the most famous symbols from the book of Revelation would have to be the “beast”, as in “the mark of the beast.” Therefore, it stands to reason that if the men seeing the visions didn’t understand what they saw, then most likely, today’s scholars would have trouble, too.

There’s no doubt that with all this symbolism to figure out, there are bound to be different interpretations of the end time events prophesied; many of the interpretations being unbiblical, and some of them just plain wrong. Just be aware that there are two kinds of bible scholars that you might possibly be asking advice from; one kind studies the scriptures with the brain they were born with, and the other kind searches the scriptures with the heart that God gave them when they were born again. The latter are my personal favorites.

Coming up

In the next few weeks I’ll be doing a series of articles on the end times, more specifically on what to look for in our little piece of the world, and how events that we see every day on National and World News are so closely tied to biblical prophecy, it’s like watching scenes from a movie, a movie with an ending we’re already familiar with. It might surprise you to learn how some things you are so tired of hearing on the evening news are actually events that are part of a prophecy; hidden, but important, much like a gear inside a motor. There are some events that must happen before the next event can occur.

I’m inviting you to join me as we discuss unfolding prophecy fulfillments, as well as other topics that just need to be talked about; some faith related, some not. We might just publish some everyday life stories, short stories, or maybe even stories about some fictional character who has a knack for lifting your spirits. We hope to add a new author in the near future, so keep in touch.

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See you soon.

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