The Issue of Anti-Semitism: A Conservative Christian Stand


Three points that I insist on noting up front are these. – First, no human has ever been promised salvation or eternity with God, just because of the fact that they were born. – Second, I am not an Anti-Semite. On my Facebook page, “The Conservative Christian,” we sometimes get comments from folks who are bitterly Anti-Semitic. If you are one of these people, I am not here to chastise or do battle with you, but rather to explain why we choose to be friends and allies with the people of Israel. – Third, in order for us to discuss and study the people and events we hear about in the news every day, and discuss them in relation to biblical prophecy, we have to include the nation of Israel, the place and the people, because Israel, more particularly Jerusalem, will be Ground Zero just before Christ’s second coming. Continue reading “The Issue of Anti-Semitism: A Conservative Christian Stand”

The Unavoidable End: Impending Prophesy Fulfilling

If it were an easy subject, there wouldn’t be much need to write about it, to explain it, or to warn you about it. But, it isn’t an “easy” subject. On top of that, it upsets some folks and scares the daylights out of others. I’m talking about the approaching end of the age.
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The Trump Presidency – Fluke, or Act of God?

A troubled nation…

All governments are corrupt, including, but certainly not limited to, the Government of the United States of America. Nothing on the face of the earth is more powerful than the might of this nation. Therefore, when the U. S. Government goes sideways, and for the past twenty-five years it’s been headed sideways like a light plane landing on an iced-over runway, that’s when a far greater power is needed to administer discipline, order, and balance.
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